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Issue 29 is almost here, boy it has been a while…

Atari User Issue 29 is almost here!

Yes folks, you read that right. Issue 29 is going throught the final production bits and bobs and will be out very shortly. In this issue we’ll be bringing you the lowdown on the new Atari VCS 800, pages of reviews and features, we’ll look at servicing your Atari 1050, we’ll tinker with an Atari 600XL, and we go behind enemy lines to look at the British home computer the Oric-1.

Billed as a “Spectrum Killer”, the Oric-1 had a short and somewhat troubled life, and we cover it in some detail. Obviously we’re an Atari mag so don’t worry, we’ve got all the news, VCS info, reviews and more that you need.

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