Atari User Magazine Issue 33

Atari User Issue 33 is out now!

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Issue 33 of Atari User Magazine is out, and just at the right time too as temperatures begin to drop and heating bills begin to rise.

This issue we feature the top 10 exclusives released for the Atari Jaguar, cover more games that Atari made – for everyone else, and have stacks of reviews including 2 new releases for the Atari VCS.

Also inside issue 33; We review SYS-CHECK for the Atari XL/XE, bring an Atari 800XL back from the dead, and feature the Mysterious Adventure series of text adventures from the early eighties.

Jock is back with more homebrew news in our IN-DEV column, and this time around has some good news for Atari ST/STE owners.

To purchase this issue with instant download, either click on the link below or follow the links at the top of the screen for “Latest Issue” or “Atari User Digital Issues”

Atari User Issue 33 Volume 3
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