The Atari VCS is coming

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They are (mostly) on their way. Atari confirmed today that much of the Indiegogo Atari VCS production run is now on its way to Atari , in California.

The above photo, courtesy of Atari, shows the rear of a special collector’s edition VCS. Atari states that most mass production has now been completed, with some wireless classic joysticks still outstanding.

If you were one of the original backers then now is a good time to make sure that you have completed your personal information so that your order can ship. You can do so via the link below;

Atari have 6000 Collector’s limited edition systems on the way, each individually numbered and with certificates of authentication. If you didn’t opt for the wood grain then you may need to wait a little longer.

Below, again courtesy of Atari, a photo of a completed limited edition VCS ready to be boxed up.

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