Atari User Magazine Issue 30

Atari User Issue 30 Vol3

Atari User Issue 30 is here!

We’ve got the latest news from the Atari scene, including the latest Atari VCS developments.

Plus extensive hardware sections; How to fix your Atari 800XL’s RAM for $10, Atari 810 disk drive Buyer’s Guide, servicing and Tandon door mechanism fix guide, a look at the forgotten Atari cassette unit, the Atari 410P – and how to service it.

Lots of reviews and Jock is back with more homebrew news in our regular IN-DEV column.

We also review the Hyperkin Trooper Premium Controller (it’s a joystick) and the keyboard mylar for the XL series from Retronics.

Find out how to de-yellow your Atari gear, plus we go retro with instant camera photography and ask is it worth collecting Funko Pops – those vinyl things with the big heads.

eBay’s Global Shipping – is it good or evil. Find out how sellers are ripping you off.

This and more inside issue 30!

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